Margaret + Owen Roger Williams Botanical Garden Wedding

Jan 9, 2019

From the moment I got in touch with Margaret and Owen I knew this was going to be different. This was going to be a big, bold New Years Eve extravaganza, and it was sure to be elegant, tropical, winter-y, glamorous, laid back, romantic, warm, personal, and hilarious. That’s a lot for one wedding, right? I might be a bit biased because Owen has been a friend of mine since we were kids, but I have to say: this was my favorite wedding to date!

Owen’s always been a super active guy. He’s adventurous, silly, clever, and he’s always got a little mischievous twinkle in his eye. A great lover of the outdoors, you can always count on Owen to be surfing a nearby wave in the summer, or playing hockey and snowboarding in the winter. Margaret’s energy fills a room: her kindness is extended not only to her friends and family, but to the strangers that she casually meets. The first day I sat down with her I was impressed by her grace, and I know I’m not alone in that sentiment. She hugs everyone when she sees them, she looks you in the eye, and she even genuinely laughs when you crack corny jokes (thanks girl!)

Owen and Margaret married at Roger Williams Park Botanical Center. On the last day of the year, they stood surrounded by friends and family, next to palm fronds and Christmas trees. They promised each other to continue their love not by way of mere words, but in actions.  Through late nights at work, to sunny days on the beach, they promised to remain at each others’ best friend and true loves.  Forever.


This wedding was an incredible cap to an incredible year. I always like to imagine which image is my favorite of the day, and this one is really tough to chose, but I think my fav is one from their first dance. The one where Owen picks up Margaret and swings her in the air, while she beams with the biggest giggly smile on her face. That one looks like pure joy to me.

Do you have a favorite? I’d love to know! Join the conversation and share your favorite with us in the comments!





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