Kirsten + Brad’s Sweet Berry Farm Wedding

Jan 28, 2018

This was easily one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been a part of.It rained harder than I have ever seen. Seriously, it was like something out of a movie, the kind of weather that you remember for years to come. That said, we were able to steal a few moments outside at the end of the day to get some beautiful photos of the bride and groom. So if rain is your biggest fear about your wedding day, I say “forget it” because this wedding proves that even on a rainy day beautiful images can be made! And despite the rain, the thing that I’ll remember  most about this day was how much fun their reception was- I’ve never seen such an energetic dance floor!
I’ve known the bride, Kirsten, for years and to say that she is the life of the party would be an understatement. She’s so full of life and kindness, you can feel her positive energy immediately. Brad and Kirsten are such perfect foils to one another: his steadfast calmness is offset by Kirsten’s bold nature. They share a lot in common too, most notably that they are both deeply loved and valued by their many friends and family members. Their wedding was intimate, personal, emotional, hilarious, and full of love.

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