When I think back to Lauren and Dave’s wedding I remember two distinct things: Covid really rocked them, and despite the highs and lows of planning they ended up with the most perfect wedding day. The original plan was to get married in July at The Bohlin in Newport, but 2020 got in the way. […]

Hannah was totally blindsided by the engagement. Mike’s brother got married 2 weeks before, and so much was going on that she wasn’t thinking about her own wedding at all. Around the same time, there was a brew festival nearby and Mike invited all of their friends come in to town to enjoy the festivities. […]

For Talia and Ryan, the most important thing about the wedding day was to experience the ceremony itself. Their wedding day had to pivot drastically from their original plan, but they remained steadfast in their ultimate goal: they wanted to get married, on their original date, even if it meant that they would have to […]

There is no greater joy than being able to photograph your favorite people, and make no mistake: this woman is one of my all time favs. Emma came in to my life when I didn’t know that I needed a spunky, witty, lovable, red headed ally. But there she was. She has helped me navigate […]

I’ve known Christa for several years, and this past February we got the chance to spend some time on a work trip to Barcelona. While we were there, she showed me and some other girlfriends around the city and I was dazzled by her knowledge of my favorite Spanish city- she’s truly a citizen of […]

In early July Lauren and Dave met me in my home town of Newport, Rhode Island. We decided to meet up at Forty Steps and stroll Cliff Walk together, followed by a quick afternoon trip to Second Beach. Newport was their first vacation together a few summers ago, and the city has since become very […]