Maggie and Alex’s Newport Wedding

Apr 10, 2021

Like so many of us, Covid changed a lot of things for Maggie and Alex’s wedding! They initially planned a large wedding at New York Yacht Club Harbour Court in the summer of 2020, but had to postpone. They considered hosting their event in Palm Beach in the winter of 2021, but ultimately decided that a small, intimate gathering with their immediate family in April of that year was the safest choice for all. They had a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony in Portsmouth RI, followed by a cocktail hour at the groom’s family home, culminating in a dinner at Clarke Cooke House in Newport. Later that summer, they hosted a larger celebration with their extended family and friends at the bride’s mother’s home.

A few months later, we returned to Maggie’s parent’s home in Portsmouth, Rhode Island to have a big backyard celebration with the couple’s extended friends and family.




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