Emma + Carr’s Mystic Seaport Engagement

Jul 16, 2020

There is no greater joy than being able to photograph your favorite people, and make no mistake: this woman is one of my all time favs. Emma came in to my life when I didn’t know that I needed a spunky, witty, lovable, red headed ally. But there she was. She has helped me navigate the corporate world, listened to me cry (many times), and has been a wonderful friend who always shows up when you need her. When she sent me a photo of her engagement ring this January I literally screamed: I scared my family, who I was having a nice dinner with!

I remember when Emma first told me about Carr. They had just started dating, and you could feel the excitement when she talked about him. Smart, funny, goofy, handsome- he seemed like the perfect match for her, and I’m happy to say, he is.

She and I have been talking about our weddings together for what feels like year. And her’s is coming in less than one week. I can assure you, I will be crying more than I care to admit. Cheers to you, Emma and Carr!




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