Christine + Kesh’s Oceancliff Resort Wedding

Apr 12, 2019

For a lot of us, New Year’s Eve is a magical night. It causes us to reflect upon the last year: our successes, our failures, and our personal lives. It also inspires us to dream of the big things yet to come, of our goals and aspirations, our dreams. The night is full of sparkles, champagne, parties, and for some, a midnight kiss…

Christine and Kesh shared a magical night together for their first date on New Year’s Eve 2014, a night that will go down in history as “Christine’s last first kiss”. That night started a romance that in four short years, resulted in another major NYE moment: Kesh’s marriage proposal! She said yes, they had another epic night ringing in the new year, reflecting, and dreaming of what was to come.

This weekend the big day finally arrived. Christine and Kesh woke up to a beautiful spring morning in her hometown of Newport, Rhode Island, and embarked on their new chapter. The wedding took place at the iconic St. Mary’s Church, where John F. Kennedy married Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1953. Their reception was at Oceancliff, another Newport mainstay by the sea.

Their black-tie affair was elegant, timeless, and full of love. Enjoy a glimpse into the beauty of Christine and Kesh’s wedding day!





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