Kaitlyn + Yannick’s Woodstock Vermont Engagement

Mar 26, 2019

Ok, picture this: you show up for your job at a gorgeous resort, just like any other day. You say hello to your co-workers, get settled in, and set about your daily routine. You walk the halls, you answer questions, put out “fires”, and great hotel guests. Nothing is out of the ordinary.

Nothing is out of the ordinary, until someone walks into your life and changes everything. This person’s small action sets in to motion a series of events that will shake you to your core, turn your world upside down, and send you on a path to your most profound human connection. This person will inadvertently introduce you to your best friend, your life’s partner, your wife. And this person is a two year old girl.

That’s exactly what happened nearly a year ago to Yannick. He’s worked at the Killington Grand for years, running the show. And one day, a little girl came to the front desk with a “ticket wicket”, AKA that little piece of brightly colored plastic that holds your ski pass to your jacket. Yannick said “hey, kid, check this out! If you connect two ticket wickets together, you can make a heart shape”. And that’s when the little girl’s nanny, the most beautiful girl Yannick had ever seen, walked in to the picture…

That little interaction lead to Yannick and Kaitlyn’s first date, their first dance, first kiss, first “I love you”. It lead to their truest love, and you can see that they are two jigsaw pieces, surrounded by thousands of others, that fit perfectly. They are the real deal, folks.





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