My Trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas, 2019

Mar 15, 2019

Wow. Once again, I find myself back on my couch in my apartment outside Boston, wishing I could turn back time and be in Eleuthera again. There really isn’t a better place in the world. My four best friends and I just returned from our second trip to Eleuthera… but this time we brought the boys.

It’s an amazing thing when you find friends that you can share your life with, your secrets, your happiness; and it’s even better when you can also travel with them! All that good stuff only gets better when you can bring your significant others into the mix and find that the whole crew gets on seamlessly. In all honesty, I can’t say that I’m surprised that it was such a great group chemistry: all these guys and gals have lived together in different groupings in the last 10 years.

However, the newest addition to the mix is my love, Andrew. He’s the best person in the world, and always up for an adventure, so I had no doubt that would have a ton of fun too. And he did! Even though he did have a shark encounter… Even though I promised him that wouldn’t happen. My bad. But we made up for that with a 20 minute swim with a wild dolphin! No joke.

I hope you love these photos, and feel free to email me with any Eleuthera questions about where we stayed, what we did, and what we ate! Because, y’all, the food is amaze.

And if you’re interested in photos from last year, check them out here.

So, the first best thing about bringing the boy along: we can all sleep in while they go out and hunt for coconuts! By the time we roll out of bed the coconut chopping is well underway, and ready for some rum. Not bad, eh?7G9A4549.jpg7G9A4550.jpg7G9A4553.jpg7G9A4556.jpg7G9A4558.jpg7G9A4560.jpg7G9A4567.jpg7G9A4561.jpg7G9A4570.jpg7G9A4579.jpg7G9A4584.jpg

In the afternoon we see the second perk of bringing the boys: they’re great spear-fishermen!


Perk three: Nick is an incredible cook! He prepared our wild caught meal and created the dopest dinner I’ve ever had on vacation!


There’s a great organic farm down the road form the house where we went for all our produce.


M and Charles showed up a few days late, but look at those smiles… It was worth the wait.


I love the reflection in her sunglasses. Also, that face… she’s my OG muse.


This is the backyard at Bonefish Barbi’s


Look at this tropical wonderland. It’s a dream.


Sometimes you need a bad photo with Wilson, ya know?


I think the family dinners were the best part. Stoned crab is life.


So, if you want to buy fish on the island your best bet is to head in to town around 2pm and wait for the fishermen to come in. The guys chatted with the locals who informed them that the barracuda that they had been seeing were a high prize: if the guys could catch a barracuda, they could trade it for a lot of fish and lobster. So that became the mission. Barracuda hunting is no joke, so they took a shot before setting out on their endeavor.


Crissa is crazy beautiful.


Gregory town is beautiful and the locals are wonderful people. They’re friendly, warm, and welcoming. Treat their home with respect, and you’ll always be invited back.


We stopped into this little surf shop to rent a few boards before heading off on out surf safari.


I’m a total poseur. I didn’t surf, I just carried a board! But whatevs, I think my bod looks fly, so check me out!


We heard that there was surf on Eleuthera, but we we had never seen it. But wow, it was better than we imagined.


I had a Marilyn moment…


We returned to one of my favorite spots, the Sapphire Hole.


This photo is one of my favorites because it perfectly encapsulates both the generosity of local Bahamians, and the kindness of my friends. See, I locked us out of our rental car. In the middle of nowhere. We were at least 70 miles from our rental car company, and had only one working cell phone which was running out of battery. All of my friends snapped into action, trying to pry us back into the car. No one panicked, no one got mad. They just rolled with it, they made the best of it.

And then a stranger came along with his family. They tried to help us with the tools they had on hand. When that didn’t work, our new friend, Skip, called his buddy who owned a body shop and asked him to come help his “friends”. That guys showed up to our location in 15 minutes and got us back into the car. This photo is us all sharing a beer after all that nonsense was resolved.


After getting locked out, we found the most amazing empty beach.


You can see in this photo how few footsteps there are on that beach. It’s not easy to get to, you definitely need 4-wheel drive.


This is one of my favorites of the trip:


Coconut hunting in the yard with Crissa and Nick


The night skies in Eleuthera are the best I’ve ever seen.





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